This is where I hope to share with you my most recent work on a day to day basis. Nothing fancy, just rad stuff as its happening. Hope you enjoy.

New Year. New Gear

At the end of 2015 I made a big leap over to the Sony realm and picked up a Sony A7rii. So far, the camera has delivered some amazing images with crazy dynamic range that easily surpasses my quiver of Canon Gear. I was scared to take the leap to Sony lenses so Have been using a Fotodiox adaptor with all my canon glass. The Auto focus is reminiscent of a 5Dmk2, but for most of what I shoot, thats good enough. Not all lenses work but my , Fisheye, 24mm, and 35mm all work great. I pre ordered the new Aquatech A7 Series housing and finally got it in before the holidays. The next few posts will be water shots I've been taking with the gear. It is extremely light weight in the water and the focus has hit the mark most times I need it. Would I compare this set up to a 1dx, absolutely not, but having the ability to switch from APC to full frame in the water, 42mpx with incredible dynamic range, and 4k recording. This camera can pull its weight with the big boys any day. Here are some recent water images I captured with the rig. This session was all shot on the Canon 35mm 1.4 L mk1.

Always good the throw in a solid selfie for good measure. Aloha!