This is where I hope to share with you my most recent work on a day to day basis. Nothing fancy, just rad stuff as its happening. Hope you enjoy.

Ebert Surfboards x Aloha Exchange

A few months back we headed to the westside to shoot local shaper Lance Ebert working on some boards. Aloha Exchange has been trying to realease shirts every year that are collabs with local towns on Kauai. No better collaborator then Lance, he has been shaping for years and does some of the best glass work around. The giant log in these images was used in creating my newest board which we feature at the end of the post. Check out his boards via his instagram @ebert_surfboards. And you can pick up the shirt or hat at Aloha Exchange in Kalaheo.

Bali x Seea

I have taken way to long to get these images up on the blog, but as you know things always get lost in the depths of hard drives. Last August Ashley and I were invited to travel to Indonesia with our good friend @RosieJaffurs. We had just over two weeks to explore Bali, as well as island hop over to Gili Trawangan for a few days. Here are some of my favorite images we captured during our stay. List of gear used is at the bottom of the post. Hope you enjoy!

Gear Used:

Sony A7rii + Aquatech Water Housing

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone

Fuji XT10

Hand Shaped

You know you have a pretty cool wife when she can shape her own surfboards. Ash with some help from Devin, hand shaped her first board a few months back. The sad news is that the back yard shaping shack is no more, but at least these photos can show it in its full glory. Here are some images from the glassing process. 

Afternoon at Lanikai Beach

Spent the afternoon with some good friends testing out my new Phantom 4 Professional Drone. Pretty impressed with the image quality of this little package and can't wait to share more images this year. Aloha!

Mustard Yellow FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser

Its been a long time coming. But since moving into a bigger place means more space for projects. Ashley doesn't see it the same way on some days, but with time I can always find a use for the crap I bring home. This Mustard Yellow 1977 Toyota FJ40 was no exception. I have had my eye out for one, but living on such a small island doesn't usually come up with results. My friend Mel told me she had known a guys who left one here, sitting in a field, left to be slowly eaten by the elements. We managed to track the owner down and he was willing to let it go for ten crisp one hundred dollar bills! I ran home and grabbed the cash with one rule put down by my wife, if it don't run then don't bring it home. With her words of warning, I set off down the road to find it. I thought it was too good to be true until I set my eyes on her. As you will see below, the years have been harsh on her, plenty of rust and rot due to our tiny island being wrapped in salt air and rain. The property owner told me that once it crossed the bridge off his property that it would not be allowed to re enter. We turned the engine over a few times and it didn't look good, but they reassured me that it had just been sitting and ran perfectly. A couple minutes later and bang! We had a perfectly running 1977 FJ40 running smooth. There is something special about finding a diamond in the rough like this, maybe its the allure of what life might of been like driving it off the lot back in the seventies, or maybe its just the pure simplicity of how simple these old cars were built. Its been about ten months since I purchased this Landcruiser, I've learned how to change wheel bearings, radiators, ignition systems and so much more. The images below are from our first ride in the sand, Ashley can even drive stick now!  Enjoy what it looked like in the start, and say hello if you see her driving down the road tomorrow! Aloha. Thanks to your friends at Slowtide for perfectly matching towel as well. 

Kalalau Vibes

Adventure mode yesterday as me and @cookwilltravel trekked down the ridge line toward the grand Na Pali Coast view. Mychael was shooting with his new Fuji x-e2 so please check his feed for some of the images he scored. I had a chance to get airborne which was by far my favorite moment from the day. The rest of the images were shot on my Sony A7rii/Canon 24-70mm. Some of my favorite images from the day below. Please share and enjoy!

Products Featured: Aloha Exchange, Lucky We Live Hawaii, Polar Stuff, & Kammok.

Drone Ninety Project

Not much writing or posting lately, but trying to start up again. Recently my water time has been getting cut short! I have a new obsession with the dreaded DRONE! The perspective always seems to spark my interest and keep things fresh, especially when it comes to photography. A few years ago everyone got a hold of GoPro's and the fisheye barrel shot became the new thing. Now, we all have go pros and achieving those images isn't as challenging or exciting as it once was. That is where the drone comes in. I have been shooting with the DJI Phantom series since they first came out a few years ago. Now shooting with the Phantom 3 Professional, it has changed the way I view the world below me.

Drone Ninety is a collaborative project I started to inspire other Drone OP's to share there images from this 90 degree perspective. When I say ninety degrees I'm referring to the camera facing down at the earth. I have found my best success flying early in the morning or evening to reduce glare on the water and find the smoothest texture. I am also working with Freewell Gear who produce some pretty amazing filters that snap right onto my Phantom 3. My go to filter is the circular polarizer. Here are some images I've taken over the past few months. If you like what you see, please check out where I feature fellow drone ninety lovers. Aloha!

Pipeline 12.21.14

You know how I know I found the best wife ever, she let me go shoot Pipe on our honeymoon. We snuck over for a few days to get away from all the holiday craziness and the one day we happened to be on the north shore, pipeline absolutely fired! Here are some shots from my afternoon in the water.

The Moving Man

I am working on a new personal project called the Moving Man. I am hoping to feature men of Hawaii and how they live active lifestyles while still surviving on the little rock of Kauai. My good friend Jake Pembrook is a Full time Nurse, student, and Triathlete. We went up to The mountains for our first shoot a couple weeks ago. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into his life.

Mauka Vibes

This weekend we spent time adventuring up Mauka. We went up to Koke'e State park and ended at the Kalalau Lookout.  Got a chance to fly my DJI Phantom Vision 2+. And I gotta say it is super fun flying it. Also took some images of babe while up there. Its easy to forget how epic the mountains are when we surf everyday. Hope you enjoy.