This is where I hope to share with you my most recent work on a day to day basis. Nothing fancy, just rad stuff as its happening. Hope you enjoy.

Hand Shaped

You know you have a pretty cool wife when she can shape her own surfboards. Ash with some help from Devin, hand shaped her first board a few months back. The sad news is that the back yard shaping shack is no more, but at least these photos can show it in its full glory. Here are some images from the glassing process. 

Imperial Motion

One of my fondest trips to date is a job I did for Imperial Motion. I had the privilege to travel up the California coast with my good friend Dave Yearwood. He is a Surf Ambassador for the company and quite a character as well. We got into plenty of trouble along the way, but all in all, we got some epic images. Some of the spots in these images are Oxnard, Big Sur, and San Francisco.