This is where I hope to share with you my most recent work on a day to day basis. Nothing fancy, just rad stuff as its happening. Hope you enjoy.

Hand Shaped

You know you have a pretty cool wife when she can shape her own surfboards. Ash with some help from Devin, hand shaped her first board a few months back. The sad news is that the back yard shaping shack is no more, but at least these photos can show it in its full glory. Here are some images from the glassing process. 

Mauka Vibes

This weekend we spent time adventuring up Mauka. We went up to Koke'e State park and ended at the Kalalau Lookout.  Got a chance to fly my DJI Phantom Vision 2+. And I gotta say it is super fun flying it. Also took some images of babe while up there. Its easy to forget how epic the mountains are when we surf everyday. Hope you enjoy.





Summer is right around the corner, which means its time for small waves. That doesn't mean that the creativity has to stop. Small days give such opportunity to find new and unique ways to capture water images. Last night we paddled out to Waiohai on the south side of Kauai and tried to capture a few. I shot these with a Canon 1dMk3 + Canon 24mm 1.4 + SPL Splash housing and 8in Dome. This is even wider then the shots in my last post giving more of a chance to capture some over under perspectives. Here are some random shots from last night. Aloha!

Seea x Ashley Johnston

Been super stoked to work with my significant other on her new endeavor as brand ambassador for Seea. They are a swimwear company based in Southern California creating retro surf wear for women. We shot these images on a small day on the south shore. I used my Canon 1dMk3 + Canon 35mm 1.4 + Spl Splash housing and 8in Dome. The large dome gave me a chance to get some extra flare from water spots shown in a few images. These were shot on the South Shore of Kauai in Poipu. Check out some of Ashley's Work @ 

IssaDeMar Black & White Campaign

I always get stoked to see old friends make it big, Marissa & Melissa are the creators of IssaDeMar Swimwear. We have been friends since college and I've gotten to see them start from the humblest beginnings. They are now rising stars in the Bikini World and are going to take the market by storm with there new collection. Marissa flew over to Kauai on a last minute effort to get some images for there upcoming look book. Overnight, Marissa booked model Gabby Harrington and we all made the pilgrimage to the end of the road in Ha'ena on the north shore of Kauai. We arrived just before sunrise and shot into the late morning. You can see more of the new line on there website.